SuperMenu by Ania Lewandowska


Diets and sterile salads are an association going by the wayside. And rightly so. 

Ania Lewandowska is actively involved in promoting the change. She created a brand of boxed diet – SuperMenu. 

It is distinguished by the richness of its variants, first-shelf ingredients, and compliance with Ania’s holistic food philosophy. 

It became essential to reach Recipients with this message. 

This task was entrusted to Saints. 


Creating texts for a website is a real art. The challenge was to condense the message as much as possible in an appropriate amount of words for reading. 

What did we do?

We prepared a special table for all diets. We described each one according to the parameters: USP, target and insight, i.e. motivation to reach for the diet.  

Then the data was creatively transformed into target text. 

We used conversational language – the kind that includes multiple phrases to the audience. This was necessary because the description always came from the individual motivation of each potential client. 

We supplemented the whole with a unique message about the specifics of the diet.  


From excel precision at the beginning to final messages. 

These tools we used:

  • conversational language (phrases to the Recipient, short sentences, questions),
  • tonality of communication in the area of brand archetypes, 
  • benefit language,
  • personalized CTAs. 

Thoughtful messages have been created for each syllable, working together with SuperMenu’s identity. 

And Recipients are well aware of the power of
a properly selected diet. 

02.PMI – Happy Parents