PMI – Happy Parents


Being a parent and developing a career should not be mutually exclusive. Undisputed.

Philip Morris, as a pioneering brand in creating empathetic and equal work environments, is proving this with its Happy Parents program. 

It aims to provide complete security and peace of mind to parents employed at PMI. Both future and current ones.  

It’s a thing worthy of publicity. And that was Saints’ task. To create an EB campaign to inform the people of Warsaw and Krakow.


The beginning of every project at Saints is thorough to the point of research.
That’s where we started. 

We took the standard opinions about working parents for a spin. And we showed that with Philip Morris all those stereotypes can be shot to the moon.  

Because when you have a smart and empathetic employer, you can do what is most important to each of us. Do your own thing.  

Instead of stock, we held a casting call at PMI and selected some fantastic parents of both sexes. People who have careers in a multinational company and allow themselves to go head-to-head with several-year-olds. 

This made the whole thing actually authentic and positive.



  • OOH and inhouse campaign, 
  • media in city centers and on public transport vehicles, 
  • mailings to parents with letters from PMI. 

And the most important effect: total enthusiasm of employees. 

To see a buddy on a poster with PKiN in the background? To read that one’s company cares about parents while standing in traffic?  

It was happening on emails.  

Media house: True Story Media.

03.PMI – Mission: is Possible