PMI Mission: is Possible


Philip Morris International has come out to meet young, ambitious, and passionate finance, business, economics, and accounting graduates.  


It created the first pilot program of its kind in Poland as part of PMITrainee. And it started with the Finance Controlling department. So you can understand for yourself that it had to be… thick, loud, and rich.


Accuracy speaks for the effectiveness of a message. It is necessary to know to whom you are speaking. To possibly know your Recipients: their pains, motivations, and preferences.

This data determined the decisions that were made in the West Wing of Saints headquarters. Creation decided: film! This is it! 

The film theme was the way out for a super-light yet substantive message. 

It had to catch the eye, evoke emotions and gain the attention of those we cared about most.  

Billboards around the city, film flyers, city lights, and a subpage on the careers website shone in the full glare of the spotlight.


To start with, intensive brainstorming. In order to be able to then go through the next stages, using the tools:

  • human-oriented communication,
  • copywriting,
  • UX writing, 
  • OOH, inhouse, online and BTL campaign. 

We showed that Philip Morris offers great opportunities to develop your career. That it’s a place where anything is possible. 

Right here, right now. Mission: is possible!

Philip Morris – we’ve shot it pretty good. Thanks to.  

04.PMI – Strona Karier