Muzeum Fotografii


French tenements and alleys shaded by treetops. 

This first Daguerre photography irrevocably changed the perception of the world, especially art.  

This revolution needs to be properly immortalized. The Cracow Museum of Photography has taken on this task, positioning itself as the only public museum dedicated to this art in Poland. 

One museum. Three locations.

It became necessary to develop a joint key of communication. 

Such a challenge at Saints does better than a bag of catnip at a cat cafe.  


The beginning was as it should be. We started religiously, that is, by finding and naming the problem. Read: workshops. 

Getting to know the pain was the most challenging. 

With this, we defined the USP, the key message, the reason to visit each branch and started work on opening the headquarters at Józefitów. 

Everything was going perfectly, the work was burning in our hands. Until the pandemic came. And that was a sticky wicket.

We supported the Museum every step of the way during this difficult time. Night and day. We became more flexible from modeling clay in July. We created all the materials MuFo needed. 


Addressing the challenges of the pandemic together has created an extremely collaborative relationship. Our cooperation has been ongoing since 2019. 

What have we done?

  • Copywriting of offers,
  • UX writing,
  • content strategy,
  • content marketing,
  • creative concepts.

The result – the Museum has been receiving phone calls asking to buy materials made by Saints, and MuFo trams are running around Krakow. 

MuFo – you are the best in the world and in the space.