OE Industry is an automotive, B2B company. The owner – an uncommon humanist and visionary. 

The developed reputation of the brand made it possible to increase competence: OEI is no longer just a supplier, but also a manufacturer. 

This required the creation of a new identity, for the phenomenality of which @247studio is to blame.

Saints’ role was to create storytelling and webwriting. But first the communication strategy.


It started, however, with something completely different. From, suppose it’s fair to say, a friendship, and certainly a bond based on sincerity, that united Agnieszka and Piotr Luty.  

This gave rise to texts that are humanocentric in B2B and automotive. Focused on the Recipients and their expectations. Still technical, but written for humans.   


From friendship, through strategy and copywriting to the result, which has raised the standard of communication in the industry.

It is not a result of coincidences. We used the right and appropriate tools for the project:

  • copywriting offers,
  • tech storytelling,
  • webwriting,
  • UX writing,
  • corporate storytelling,
  • business communication,
  • content strategy.

Today, OE Industry receives calls from Mitsubishi asking: who wrote these texts for you?

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